Get Your Recyclables Ready For The Recycling Center With These Tips

If you have recently started separating out some of your household trash to be recycled, it might seem pretty simple. However, you might be unaware that there are things you could be doing to properly prepare your items for the recycling center so that you don't cause problems or sorting delays. Here are some ways to get your recyclables ready.

Keep Shredded Paper Away from Other Paper

It is natural that you would imagine that shredded paper should be sorted with the regular paper that you and your family use on a day to day basis. However, bits of shredded paper can get stuck in the recycling center's sorting machines and can blow into other areas where they don't belong. To avoid a problem, hold back your shredded paper altogether and check with your particular recycling center to see what they recommend.

Find Out if Your Glass Can Be Recycled

You might not know this, but there are many kinds of glass that cannot be recycled with other glass. Some chemically-treated cookware, for instance, is generally not accepted by recycling centers. Light bulbs, porcelain, china and other types of glass might not be recyclable either. Before you toss glass into the recycling container, ask whether your town will accept them.

Stop Using Trash Bags

Many people continue to put their paper and other recyclables into plastic garbage bags. However, it is important that you realize that these bags must be recycled in a different location than the newspaper or cardboard they are holding. Workers at the recycling center typically must empty the bags and send the bags to their proper place, which can cause delays. Make sure you are only using well-marked recycling bins for the things you want to recycle.

Stick with Clean Cardboard

Just because a material can be recycled, you have to be careful about attempting to recycle dirty or soiled materials. For example, you may want to send old pizza boxes off to be recycled, thinking that the cardboard is fine. However, bits of stuck-on cheese and the oils that are absorbed into the boxes can make them a problem for a recycling center. The cheese and oils may gunk up the machines and make other cardboard dirty as well. Instead, only recycle the top of your pizza boxes, as they are generally clean.

Use the suggestions in this article so that you can be confident that you aren't causing additional work or trouble for the recycling center. Be sure to ask your local recycling center or town sanitation department for more tips that you can use.

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