2 Tips For Qualifying For Senior Citizen Garbage Removal Service

Many cities have a program in place that is designed to make the day to day lives of senior citizens much easier. One of the most common programs is a garbage removal program. Through this city run program, garbage removal is handled by the city and senior citizens do not have to worry about rolling their bins to the curb. If you qualify for this program your home will be designated as a senior citizen pick and drop location. The process to qualify is not as simple as turning in a form. In many cases, you have to take additional steps to prove that you are in fact a senior citizen in need of the service. Luckily, there are a few tips that you can use to accomplish this.

Prove that There are no Able Bodied Adults in Your Home

One of the biggest reasons as to why you may not qualify for a garbage removal program in your city is because of the individuals who live in the same home as you. If the individuals are able-bodied adults, then the city may not grant you the designation. However, if you are living with other adults that are disabled or classified as elderly as well, then you will still be able to receive garbage removal. In order to prove this, you should provide information that signifies the age or disability of the individuals living with you when you apply for the garbage removal service.

Make Sure the Waste Management Account is in Your Name

If you do not own the home that you live in, then a number of the utilities may not be in your name. When it comes time to apply for a garbage removal service, it is important to have the waste management account in your name. This will allow the city or the homeowner's association to know who is receiving this service. It makes it easier to verify that you are in fact the stated age when it is time to apply for the garbage removal. If the waste management account is not in your name, then you can usually get it changed by calling up the business in charge of handling your waste removal to change the name on the account.

Waste removal can be a pain to deal with as you age. Removing trash from your property becomes tiresome and taxing. Therefore, use these tips to ensure you are able to qualify for garbage removal. Contact a business such as Contractors Disposal Inc for more information.