Investing In A Dog-Proof Garbage Can

Although introducing a dog into your home can be a great way to take advantage of the benefits pet ownership can provide, dogs can also be responsible for creating messes within your home. Dogs are notorious for nosing through trash receptacles. If you want to keep your new pet out of your kitchen trash, then it's essential you invest in a dog-proof garbage can for the future.

Here are three features to look for when purchasing a new garbage can to ensure your waste will be kept safely out of the reach of your furry friend:

1. Look for a heavy garbage can.

Many dogs access kitchen trash by using their bodies to tip the garbage can over and spill its contents out onto the floor. If your dog is a trash-tipper, you may be able to solve your trash problems by investing in a garbage can with some weight to it.

Garbage containers made from metal can be challenging for a dog to tip over, ensuring that your trash will remain safely inside the can and not strewn throughout your kitchen.

2. Look for a garbage can with a lid.

If your dog is large enough to jump up and place his or her nose directly into the top of the trash can, then investing in a kitchen garbage can with a lid could deter your pet's trash-snooping tendencies.

Cans with a lid that firmly closes do not leave any trash items exposed to your pet. You can safely keep refuse inside of the can and away from your curious dog when you purchase a garbage can with a lid. To ensure that the garbage can's lid doesn't impede your ability to easily discard unwanted items, look for a lid that can be operated with a foot pedal.

3. Look for a garbage can with scent-control technology.

Dogs have a very keen sense of smell. If they sniff out something interesting inside of your kitchen trash, they will attempt to find a way to access the source of the smell. You can eliminate your dog's interest in your trash can by reducing the amount of odor your kitchen trash creates.

Some trash cans come equipped with odor-neutralizing technology that will prevent your dog from picking up the scent of trash items, deterring your pet from getting into the trash can to explore its various smells in the future.

Purchasing a dog-proof garbage can will allow you to create a more harmonious relationship with your new pet. Look for a model with some weight to it, a lid, and scent-control technology to keep your dog out of your trash in the future.