Planning An Outdoor Wedding? Hygiene Management Tips To Keep Guests Comfortable

Outdoor weddings are increasing in popularity. From sun-drenched beach weddings to sunrise or sunset ceremonies held in a field of wildflowers, many couples choose an outdoor wedding as a way to make their nuptials even more memorable. While there is much to look forward to when planning an outdoor wedding ceremony or reception, couples often find themselves struggling with the problem of hygiene, especially when the site is remote, with no nearby buildings or infrastructure. If you and your partner are planning an outdoor wedding and wondering how you will manage the hygiene needs of your wedding party and guests, the following suggestions can help. 

Source the right facilities for the needs of every guest.

Portable toilet designs have improved since their invention, with many providers now offering models that are more like actual bathrooms. When trying to determine the type and number of bathrooms you will need, couples are urged to consider the following factors: 

  • the number of guests expected to attend, including very young children who may need diaper changing facilities
  • what types of food and beverages are being served (for instance, messy foods like bbq may require more washing stations, while serving alcohol usually requires bringing in more restroom facilities to handle more frequent urination needs)
  • any known mobility issues that may require special portable toilet units that are capable of accommodating wheel chairs or other mobility aids

Once you have studied your guest list and menu plans, it will be easier to determine which portable toilet designs will work best and how many you should order. 

Provide privacy for the restroom facility area.

In addition to ordering comfortable portable toilet and washing station facilities to provide comfort for your wedding party and guests, it will be important to situate the restroom facilities in an area that will be easily accessible, while still offering a comfortable level of privacy.

To determine the best placement, take time to examine the celebration site before placing your order. If there is no natural cover, such as trees or bushes, consider arranging attractive materials to create a privacy barrier, such as tall, potted bamboo plants or bales of straw. 

For more information about using portable toilets and washing stations for your outdoor wedding ceremony or reception, contact a portable toilet supplier, such as Mountain Waste & Recycling. They will be able to offer helpful information you can use to make sure your guests have plenty of comfortable, hygienic restroom facilities on your special day.