Removing The Trash From Your Property

Trash is a problem that will not go away by itself. If you have a lot of trash to remove from your home or property, you may need a solution that has the capacity to remove a larger volume than the weekly curbside pickup. Garbage removal services that allow you to remove a large amount of trash or debris quickly and efficiently are available if you need them.

Trash Removal Service 

If you have a piece of property that has a lot of trash or debris on it, hiring a service to bring a truck and several workers with them to clean the site up might be a good fit. The crew will do the cleanup and remove the material from the site, hauling it to a landfill or transfer station and disposing of it properly. The company may have an option for removing recyclable material as well, and they may not charge for that, or they may charge less for recyclable material.

The fees with these services vary by the size of the cleanup and the amount of material that they have to remove. Call and get a price quote or if you have a large job, have them come to the site and give you a price so you will not be surprised by a much higher bill than you anticipated. If the cleanup is on an undeveloped lot, the cost may be higher because of the additional crew needed to handle the size of the job.

Dumpster Rental Companies

Another option for trash removal is renting a dumpster that you can fill and then have removed. If you want to save some money and do the work yourself, this can be a good option to consider. The material that goes in the dumpster must meet the guidelines of the of the rental company so be sure to ask them if there are restrictions before you start filling the container. 

Once the dumpster is full, call the dumpster company, and they will come and pick it up for you. If you need a replacement container to finish the job, let the company know when you call for pickup, and they can send the truck out with one for you. If your contract was for one dumpster, additional fees will be added for the extra container and to dump it. Be sure to ask what the additional cost will be when you call to schedule the container removal and replacement.