Tips For Clearing Clutter Out Of Your Garage Or Junk Room

If you have a junk room in your home, or if you use your garage for keeping clutter, then you're wasting space you could be using for a craft room, office, or workshop. You might have things shoved in the room you haven't used or seen in years. Letting go of clutter is hard, but it makes you feel better to live in an orderly house. You can do the job in a hurry with the help of a garbage removal service and the right tools. Here are some ways to get rid of your clutter fast.

Gather The Right Equipment 

Having the right equipment on hand makes it much easier to move clutter from your home to the garbage truck. The first thing you'll need is a truck and a crew to help if you need it. Find a service that does garage clean-outs or that offers home garbage removal. They'll bring a truck to your home for collecting all the clutter you can get rid of and then they'll haul it away at the end of the day. If you need help sorting or lifting heavy things, they may even supply a couple of workers to help.

You'll also need sturdy storage bins for the things you want to keep and boxes for the things you want to donate. A wheelbarrow is useful so that you don't have to carry things out to the truck all day. Instead, you can load several trash bags into the wheelbarrow and carry more without wearing out your back. You'll probably need a lot of trash bags, and you may want to buy construction grade trash bags because these are thicker and don't tear as easily. You can pack heavy things in them, which is helpful when you're dealing with a variety of clutter.

Set Up Sorting Stations

You'll need sorting space for all the clutter because it can be impossible to sort in a room that's already filled with junk. Come up with a plan on how to tackle the pile of clutter. You may want to drag everything outside in the backyard and then establish sorting stations. One pile could be for clutter in good condition that you want to donate. Another pile could be for trash, and another could be for the things you want to keep. You could spend most of your time sorting while your helpers work on carrying the trash to the dump truck or boxing up donations.

Sort The Saved Items Twice

When you first start sorting, you'll probably save more than you should. After you've been working all day, you may be ready to part with more things when you sort your saved items one last time. Anything that's dirty, moldy, or that's been contaminated with rodent droppings should be thrown out. Things in good condition that you just hate to part with should be donated, so they are useful to someone else. All the things you save should be placed neatly into tote bins or given a permanent location in your home so that they don't turn back into messy clutter again.