Renting A Dumpster? 4 Steps To Keep It From Becoming The Neighborhood Dumping Ground

When you rent a dumpster, you want to make sure it's used for the purpose you intended. There's nothing worse than renting a dumpster only to have it turn into the neighborhood dumping ground. If you're going to be renting a dumpster for your latest home improvement project, don't be taken advantage by others who would fill it up before you get a chance to. Here are four simple steps you can take to avoid falling victim to illegal dumping. [Read More]

How To Start Recycling To Make Your Business Eco-Friendlier

Recycling is something that is much more popular today than it was decades ago, and this is primarily because years ago people did not realize the impact trash would have on the environment. Today, recycling is encouraged and is relatively easy to do. If your business is trying to become eco-friendlier, you may need to make some changes in the ways your company gets rid of its trash. Here are some of the reasons to consider doing this and ways to make recycling easier and more effective. [Read More]

2 Tips For Qualifying For Senior Citizen Garbage Removal Service

Many cities have a program in place that is designed to make the day to day lives of senior citizens much easier. One of the most common programs is a garbage removal program. Through this city run program, garbage removal is handled by the city and senior citizens do not have to worry about rolling their bins to the curb. If you qualify for this program your home will be designated as a senior citizen pick and drop location. [Read More]

Get Your Recyclables Ready For The Recycling Center With These Tips

If you have recently started separating out some of your household trash to be recycled, it might seem pretty simple. However, you might be unaware that there are things you could be doing to properly prepare your items for the recycling center so that you don't cause problems or sorting delays. Here are some ways to get your recyclables ready. Keep Shredded Paper Away from Other Paper It is natural that you would imagine that shredded paper should be sorted with the regular paper that you and your family use on a day to day basis. [Read More]